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LINCOLNSHIRE >> OTWARTA GALERIA FOTOGRAFII zaprasza do rejestracji i publikowania własnych zdjęć ukazujących piękno terenów hrabstwa Lincolnshire. Strona nie posiada charakteru komercyjnego a jedynie ma za zadanie propagowanie walorów tych okolic oraz umożliwienie publikacji własnych prac przez polskich i nie tylko fotografów z tego regionu. Galeria jest moderowana (ze względu na niepożądane treści - zdjęcia podlegają weryfikacji administratora przed ich publikacją). Po zaakceptowaniu przez administratora, fotografie będą przydzielane do odpowiednich albumów w kategorii głównej z zachowaniem opisu i podpisu autora.

Zapraszam do udziału w projekcie OTWARTA GALERIA FOTOGRAFII LINCOLNSHIRE oraz do czynnego uczestnictwa w tworzeniu portalu polaków z Hrabstwa Lincolnshire pod nazwą POLACY W LINCOLNSHIRE (odnośnik w sekcji LINKS) - dtp3.


Lincolnshire (w skrócie Lincs) jest angielskim hrabstwem położonym w regionie East Midlands w środkowej Anglii, które zamieszkuje około 1 mln (2006) mieszkańców. Drugie co do wielkości hrabstwo Anglii.
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Polish War Graves


Polski Cmentarz Wojenny w Newark

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Lincoln - 24.04.2009


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Doddington Hall - Spring Garden


"Beautiful and fascinating Gardens...."
- BBC Gardeners' World Magazine March 2005.

"Wonderfully harmonious and strongly recommended..."
- Royal Horticultural Society.

The mellow Elizabethan walls provide the framework for the formal East and West gardens which are faithful to the original Elizabethan layout. The West garden, reorganised with the help of Kew in 1900, is a riot of colour from April through to September, with luxuriant, wide borders filled with some botanical surprises such as naturalised Crown Imperials and the Handkerchief Tree. There is a tapestry of box-edged parterres bursting with a glorious display of Bearded Irises in May/June and sumptuous herbaceous borders.

The wild garden has been developed since the 1950’s, initially by Mr & Mrs Ralph Jarvis and then by Antony and Victoria Jarvis. They have created a spectacular pageant of spring bulbs, starting with snowdrops in February, then there are daffodils, lent lilies, aconites, snakes head fritillaries appearing right through until May.

There are also flowering and scented shrubs, rhododendrons, and an underlying structure is given by some wonderful trees – the ancient, contorted sweet chestnuts that overlook the croquet lawn are still productive. There is also a Temple of the Winds built by Antony Jarvis in memory of his parents, a turf maze that he made in the 1980’s, and if you look hard you may find the ‘dinosaur’s egg’ (a large boulder that he put in the branches of a field maple tree to surprise the grandchildren).

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Spring in Lincoln


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Whisby Nature Park


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Newark 03-04-2009


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Newark 21-02-2009


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Lincoln Christmas Market 2008


Lincoln Christmas Market, held in Lincoln, England, is one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe, attracting up to 250,000 visitors over the four day event.

Held around three weeks before Christmas, the market spreads around the historic centre of Lincoln including the castle and cathedral. As well as stalls selling goods there is a funfair with Ferris wheel, open air classical music and rock concerts and traditional events such as beer barrel rolling.

The number of visitors is so great that a circular one-way system for pedestrians around the streets of Lincoln is put into place. The route includes travelling through the grounds of Lincoln Castle, something not normally possible without paying an entry fee.

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Lincoln is a cathedral city and county town of Lincolnshire, England.
The non-metropolitan district of Lincoln has a population of around 101,000 - the 2001 census gave the entire urban area of Lincoln a population of 120,779. The council identifies a 'Greater Lincoln' catchment area covering surrounding villages, which has a population of 250,000.

It has several twin towns: Port Lincoln, South Australia; Radomsko, Poland; Tangshan, China; and — most notably — Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany.
(source: Wikipedia)

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Lincoln Cathedral


Construction of the first Lincoln Cathedral, within its close or walled precinct facing the castle, began when the see was removed from Dorchester and completed in 1092; it was rebuilt after a fire but was destroyed by an unusual earthquake in 1185. The rebuilt Lincoln Minster, enlarged to the east at each rebuilding, was on a magnificent scale, its crossing tower crowned by a spire reputed to have been 160 m (525 ft) high, the highest in Europe. When completed the central of the three spires is widely accepted to have succeeded the Great Pyramids of Egypt as the tallest man-made structure in the world.

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